Southend Vegan Fair

We went along to the Southend Vegan Fair today to pick up a few tips and tricks on moving our diet and lifestyle onto a more sustainable, healthy and ethical basis. This event happened in the same month as the Southend Radical Fair so it’s an indication that there are folk in the area promoting sustainable alternatives to the system we have to endure at the moment. Rather than write up our thoughts about the Southend Vegan Fair, these are the thoughts of one of the organisers posted up on their Facebook page:

Well. What can I say? Today was an amazing experience.

All the months of hard work and planning paid off.

The day was a roaring success. At last count I think it was 11 stalls that had sold out of their products.

So many great people in attendance and the vibe was amazing throughout the entire day.

Everyone working together and mucking in has really warmed my heart.

Thank you to everyone that took part by having stalls and attending.

Thanks to the people that helped me when I needed them to! Kelly Fowler, my brother Lewis and of course Cllr. Helen McDonald and my beloved Jim who stepped up last minute.

Massive shout out to Lou from All Glamour No Guts for help, advice and guidance throughout!

As well as Chris Moore of JØTNARR who also gave me advice and help when I needed it!

Extra special thanks to the people of Bellevue Baptist Church for letting us host the event!

This was a really positive day for Southend on Sea. The town I hate to love, but love to hate.

For the animals,



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